Approved Caterers


Please select from the following list of approved caterers for all events held at Tlaquepaque – Sedona, AZ

Rosalie's of Sedona
Big Foot BBQ
Creations in Cuisine Catering
Fresh From The Kitchen

Cowboy Club

(928) 821-2460
Thomas Bruge

Wendy’s Catering

(602) 510-8690
Wendy Stevens

Santa Barbara Catering

(480) 471-5228
Melissan Falcone

Something Elaborate Catering

(520) 730-6692
Chef Ron Moler

El Rincon Restaurante Mexicano

(928) 300-1934
Demetri Wagner

Patio De Las Campanas Receptions Only!

Creative Hands Cuisine

(602) 628-1534
Camille Brouchu
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