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Andrea Smith, world peace artist has created a gallery that magnifies the message of her colorful, light uplifting images of peace. This “peace within” as she refers to it is a way to have peace on earth. Andrea has said, “That intention definitely colors and shapes our world, and the intention of the Andrea Smith Gallery is to transform a space into a sacred environment”.

You can sense the serenity and uplifting feeling the moment you enter the Andrea Smith Gallery. It is an eclectic and unique mix of spirituality infused art comprised of paintings, sculpture and jewelry from different geographical regions of the planet. Each piece in the gallery collection has been selected with the intention of offering peace and healing to all that enter.

Andrea Smith Gallery has a very unique collection of art for the novice as well as sophisticated collector with original paintings and limited edition prints by painter, ANDREA SMITH. Her signature “mother and child” paintings are organic in form and remind us that earth is our mother, providing us with everything her children need, including nurturing.


Suite: B219
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Fax: (928) 203-0611

AZADI Fine Rugs brings you over two centuries of providing exquisite rugs with exceptional service and a commitment to bringing you the finest quality antique, contemporary and custom designs. AZADI is steeped in family tradition, authenticity and personalization. We prize our client relationships, and share with you our passion for transforming each idea and vision into a foundation for fine living. We know you have a choice when purchasing rugs so we thank you for choosing AZADI Fine Rugs; certified and recognized world-wide as a child-labor free rug company. Together, with your business we are creating a legacy of the eradication of child labor in the rug industry.


Suite: B123
Phone: (928) 203-0620
Fax: (928) 203-0611

AZADI Navajo Rugs is the most recent addition to the AZADI Fine Rugs family. The oldest purveyor of fine rugs in the world, AZADI Fine Rugs is known as the most trusted authority and resource on fine rugs. A passion for the unique history of the Navajo people, combined with a motivation to cultivate and preserve the dying art of the Navajo culture led to the creation of AZADI Navajo Rugs. Visit our resident Navajo rug expert Richard Harvey to learn about acquiring a traditional Navajo weaving for your home.


Suite: B121
Phone: (928) 282-8704

Carré d’artistes® offers a permanent collection of 600 talented artists in 26 galleries throughout the world. Be dazzled by the creativity and variety of selected works. Wander through open exhibition and meeting spaces. Throughout the year, educational and artistic events, dedications and studio visits are full of emotions for artists and art lovers. A real alternative in the art world, making contemporary art accessible, Carré d’artistes® is ambitious, generous and respectful of artists.


Suite: A109
Phone: (928) 203-4333

Elaine and Duane Morgan, Fine art photographers, a husband and wife team who have dedicated their lives to creating and capturing images that depict the awesome power and unequaled beauty of nature. Professional photographers since 1973, they are masters of their craft. They offer distinctly different styles of photography including; exquisite color images, fine art black and white photography, hand tinted black and white images, and a myriad of impressionistic images. Their years of experience and training coupled with natural born talent have enabled them to establish a degree of expertise and quality that few photographers will ever obtain.

Elaine and Duane are internationally recognized for their breathtaking landscape photography that makes you feel as if you were standing and watching your personal sunset as the light changes on their images. We call that mood-changing event, the “WOW” factor; because that is exactly what our collectors say when we change the light on our images, WOW!


Suite: A207
Phone: (928) 282-0248

Vintage and Contemporary Southwest Jewelry and Arts.


Suite: C205
Phone: (928) 451-4739

The original paintings, sculpture, and jewelry of Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin are created with joy. It is the artist’s desire to express a moment of peace and beauty that will enrich the life and environment of your home, office, or body. His art is inspired and flows from the sacred meditational space of the transcendental archetypal symbols of Christianity, Zen, and Tibetan Buddhism as well as the shamanistic practices of the world’s perennial philosophies.


Suite: A117
Phone: (928) 282-0709

Honshin Fine Art Gallery represents a variety of local artists, including Nicholas Kirsten Honshin, Duly, Lou Adams, Kevin Petrilli and Paul Wisdom.


Suite: B125
Phone: (928) 282-1212
Toll Free: (800) 282-4312

Kuivato Glass Gallery is one of the most visually exciting galleries in the country. Exibiting more than 100 of the finest artists in the world, the exceptional collection includes art glass, jewelry, and light sculptures by owner, Deanne Sabeck. Kuivato offers both the seasoned and beginning collector the chance to find something spectacular.

Since it’s beginning, Kuivato has been representing some of the most prominent glass artists in the country. Kuivato Glass Gallery was started in Sedona by Will Hardwick and Deanne Sabeck. The gallery began in the beautiful courtyards of Tlaquepaque Arts and Craft Village in 1973. The name “Kuivato” means “greet the morning sun” in the Hopi language. Kuivato was among the first three shops to open in Tlaquepaque and has recently moved into its beautiful new location in Patio Del Norte.

The new gallery space provides double the space, new world renowned artists, and much larger works. Along with the Sedona Gallery Association, Kuivato will feature different artists in an exhibition the first Friday of each month. Please contact our knowledgable staff if there is anything we can help you with. The gallery is open daily from 10AM – 6PM and is also available for private showing by appointment by calling 928-282-1212.


Suite: A201
Phone: (928) 282-3225
Toll Free: (800) 527-6556

Mountain Trails Galleries, with two locations in the beautiful Arts and Crafts Village of Tlaquepaque, is known for its dedication to fine American Western art and has been a destination gallery for collectors and aficionados of sculpture and painting for 25 years. Mountain Trails Galleries continue in the footsteps of founder Ken Payne (1938-2012), a life-long student of American history who shared his passion for the stories of pioneers, cowboys, and native peoples of the Southwest and the Great Plains.

Mountain Trails Galleries currently showcase 25 painters and 11 sculpture artists who also have a passion for the West. The range of subject matter also includes the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona and the surrounding deserts and mountains as well as the Grand Canyon. Many of the gallery’s artists can be seen painting and sculpting in the gallery on the 1st Friday of the month from 5 – 8 pm during the festive gallery tour made popular by the Sedona Gallery Association.

Suite:  A14
Phone: (800) 255-2306

Arizona premier fiber gallery featuring collectible, Wearable Art and Quilts by Arizona Artists.


Suite: B124
Phone: (928) 282-7130

We offer contemporary fine art in a spacious gallery located in the Patio del Norte at Tlaquepaque. Original artwork, jewelry and many other items await you at the Renee Taylor Gallery.


Suite: A102-3
Phone: (928) 282-8877

When Ken and Monica Rowe opened the doors of Rowe Fine Art Gallery in March 2010, they had a strong vision of the gallery’s theme and focus. After sculpting wildlife for 30 years, Ken is an expert at making sure each artist he represents brings something unique to the gallery – you won’t find any overlap at Rowe Fine Art. Ken and Monica also strive to make sure the physical space complements the art. The gallery quickly outgrew its original upstairs spot and relocated to its current suite under Tlaquepaque’s iconic bell tower in 2011. Rowe Fine Art Gallery represents traditional and contemporary southwestern sculptors, painters and jewelers. Art lovers will also find handcrafted knives, intarsia boxes, shadowboxes and graphite art.
Rowe Fine Art Gallery represents Larisa Aukon, Julie Chapman, Dane Chinnock, Cherie Danielle, Kim Diment, Lynn Heil, Liam Herbert, Jennifer Inge, Kim Kori, Sue Krzyston, Vince Fazio, Alvin Marshall, Nicolai Medvedev, Jack Morley, Erik Petersen, John Poon, John Rasberry, Ken Rowe, Jason Scull, Ken Steigerwalt, Gabor Svagrik and Joshua Tobey. You will frequently find guest artists demonstrating on-site, especially the first Friday of every month. Ken can often be found sculpting in the gallery, too. Seasoned art collectors and novices alike will discover something new after spending time talking with artists and viewing Rowe Fine Art’s impressive collection.

Ken and Monica were both born in Arizona and have called Sedona home since December 1995. Time spent drawing and painting alongside his mother as well as his love of the outdoors influenced Ken’s career. His first introduction to wildlife art was in the field of taxidermy. For 14 years, he and Monica owned and operated a successful taxidermy studio, during which time Ken submerged himself in a profession that demanded an intense study of wildlife anatomy and physiology. Ken believes this in-depth knowledge is an extremely important quality to possess as a wildlife artist. He has been a full-time, award-winning sculptor for more than 20 years. The scale of his work ranges from small maquettes to large monuments.


Suite: A119
Phone: (928) 282-5250

The Art of Imagination

In the Patio de las Campanas, The Inner Eye Gallery offers the discerning shopper an oasis of colorful sights and soothing sounds. Larry and Barbara Berkowitz have gathered together the unique works of talented artists and craftspeople from Sedona and across the nation.

The soothing sound of water from the hand-made copper, ceramic or natural stone table-top, wall and pedestal fountains greets the visitor upon entering the gallery. Colorful kaleidoscopes await your viewing, mobiles turn from above and pendulums draw their magic in the sand, while whimsical ceramic cats watch from perches in various locations around the gallery. Dimensional art and contemporary clocks fill the walls. “People Pottery” – clay character figures – hand-carved birds of the Southwest and fun metal animal sculptures are gallery favorites.

A selection of creative hand turned burl lamps and vases, carved wood tables, Raku, ceramic and gourd art and unique jewelry, all by renowned Southwest artists serve both form and function with imaginative artistic style.

The Inner Eye Gallery, An Eclectic Mix of American Hand-Made Art and Crafts.
  • Turned Burl Lamps & Vases, Rustic Wood Tables
  • Fountains, Mobiles & Pendulums
  • Kaleidoscopes & Contemporary Clocks
  • Metal, Wood & Ceramic Sculptures
  • Dimensional Wall Art


Suite: E101
Phone: (928) 282-1575

Vue Gallery is the latest addition to the Renee Taylor family of galleries. Vue Gallery features a beautiful sculpture garden alongside Oak Creek with a spacious indoor exhibition space displaying contemporary artwork from local and international artists. Mediums include bronze, adobe, steel, copper, and canvas artwork in a variety of format sizes. We also exhibit a variety of artistic jewelry in silver, gold, and steel.
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